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7 Places To Have The Best Mother’s Day In Chicago

Picture - A mom and daughter playing with the big ice cream scoops on a wall.

All around the world, Mother’s Day is a special occasion dedicated to honoring the remarkable women who fill our lives with love and support. As we gear up to celebrate this year, let’s take a moment to delve into its rich history and explore some thoughtful ways to make mom feel extraordinary. Discover places in Chicago where you can treat her to a day she’ll love forever.

The Origin and Evolution of Mother’s Day Traditions

In order to plan the best Mother’s Day in Chicago, it’s good to know how the holiday originates. Originally conceived as ancient festivals celebrating Cybele in Phrygia and Rhea in Greece, Mother’s Day evolved over eons. In today’s times, Mother’s Day is synonymous with expressions of gratitude, thoughtful gestures and quality time spent with loved ones.

The Mother’s Day we know today is traced to the United States, where its modern take was born. On May 10, 1908, Anna Jarvis organized an inaugural Mother’s Day celebration, a heartfelt tribute to maternal figures everywhere. Over time, the holiday gained nationwide recognition, culminating in its official declaration as a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. However, the essence of Mother’s Day extends all over our world. These days, many countries join in to honor the nurturing influence of mothers, grandmothers and mother figures alike.

Making the Best Mother’s Day in Chicago

You’re not trying to have an ordinary or just OK Mother’s Day, you’re trying to plan the best Mother’s Day in Chicago. Whether you’ve waited until the last second (shame), you’re too overwhelmed with options, or you just can’t land a good reservation; we’ve got you covered.

Whether she’s a food lover, prefers to relax at the spa, or enjoys art, our list of the 7 spots for the best Mother’s Day in Chicago will be sure to delight.

#1 Farm Bar Ravenswood

Treat mom to a farm-to-table dining experience at Farm Bar Ravenswood. This is a place where locally sourced ingredients shine in dishes crafted with love. From savory breakfast sandwiches to colorful and fresh salads, each bite is filled with culinary artistry and a commitment to quality that defines this charming eatery.

#2 Museum of Ice Cream

Whether your mother has a sweet tooth that knows no bounds or a desire to feel like a kid again, Museum of Ice Cream can deliver on the promise of the best Mother’s Day in Chicago. Treat Mom to unlimited ice cream, a playful adventure with interactive exhibits, and a special Mom-osa to create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

#3 Itoko

Indulge in a Japanese-inspired brunch at Itoko, nestled in the heart of Lakeview. Executive chef Gene Kato’s culinary skill takes center stage as he presents an array of flavors. Scoop up some savory edamame or decadent kabocha pancakes drizzled with pecan praline sauce. Raise a toast to Mom with a refreshing sake cocktail or a spicy bloody mary, perfectly complementing this unique brunch.

#4 North Bridge

Embark on a shopping adventure at North Bridge, where an energizing mix of stores, restaurants and entertainment venues await. From upscale boutiques to beloved brand names, North Bridge offers a trove of retail stores for every kind of shopper. Afterward, recharge with a meal at one of the many restaurants, where each moment brings the family together.

#5 Water Tower Place

Take Mom out to enjoy the undeniable energy at Water Tower Place – a Chicago landmark teeming with shopping, dining and many different entertainment options. Let Mom shop where there’s every kind of store; from iconic brands to hidden gems. After shopping, be sure to catch a live theater performance on Broadway in Chicago. With something for everyone, Water Tower Place promises a day of retail therapy and an unforgettable show.

#6 Milk + Honey

Pamper Mom with a luxurious spa experience at Milk + Honey, where relaxation and rejuvenation await. From massages to revitalizing facials, each treatment is tailored to your mom’s needs. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for wellness, Milk + Honey offers a sanctuary of serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of Chicago city life.

#7 Ally Spa

Let mom experience the transformative power of healing at Ally Spa. A place where holistic therapies and compassionate care cone-verge. Rooted in the belief of community and connection, Ally Spa provides a nurturing environment where moms can go on a journey of stress relief and renewal. With an unwavering dedication to promoting health and well-being, Ally Spa is a sanctuary of holistic healing and harmony.

Sprinkle Your Celebration With Love

As you plan the best Mother’s Day in Chicago, take a moment to really think about and reflect on the women in your life. Whether near or far, take this opportunity to express your appreciation and gratitude for all that Mom does. From heartfelt gestures to indulgent treats, make this Mother’s Day a celebration to remember, filled with joy, laughter and cherished moments shared with the ones you love most. Happy Mother’s Day!