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A Scoop of History: Mrs. Mary Eales, the Mother of Ice Cream

Dive into the sweet legacy of women in history as we explore how Mrs. Mary Eales’s pioneering recipe forever changed dessert!

Photo- An image of the cover for Mrs. Mary Eales's Receipts Cookbook

Ice cream, that creamy, dreamy treat we all know and love, has a history as rich as its flavors. But did you know that behind this frozen delight lies the extraordinary influence of women who turned simple ingredients into a dessert cherished worldwide? Today, we’re scooping up the story of one such remarkable woman, Mrs. Mary Eales. Her contributions have left an unforgettable mark on the world of ice cream.

Mrs. Mary Eales’s Recipes and Innovation

Mrs. Mary Eales’s Receipts was published in 1718, containing a recipe that began a new era for ice cream. This wasn’t just any cookbook. It was the first English cookbook to introduce a recipe for ice cream! Making Mrs. Eales a pioneer in the sweet world of frozen desserts!

In the early 18th century, ice cream was as novel as it was not accessible to the everyday person. Mrs. Eales’s recipe had a technique using tin ice pots filled with cream, which were then encased in a mixture of ice and salt. This method was revolutionary at the time. Using simple culinary science to prepare iced desserts brought the magic of ice cream into everyday life.

The 1733 edition of her book, containing 126 recipes and over 100 pages, illustrates not just the evolution of ice cream, but also the enduring appeal of Mrs. Eales’s culinary vision. Her method laid the groundwork for future innovations and inspired generations of ice cream lovers and makers alike.

But who was Mrs. Mary Eales?

Many details of her life remain shrouded in history, but she was undoubtedly a woman ahead of her time. By venturing into the predominantly male world of professional cooking, she secured her place in history, not just as a culinary innovator but as a pioneer for women in the world of cooking.

Celebrating Scoop-tastic History

As we savor each spoonful of ice cream today, we’re tasting more than just a delightful dessert; we’re experiencing a piece of history. We are enjoying a testament to the creativity and resilience of women like Mrs. Mary Eales. Her recipe transcends mere ingredients, serving as a symbol of progress, innovation and the sweet taste of success against the odds.

Museum of Ice Cream is more than just a celebration of ice cream’s delectable diversity; it’s a homage to the rich tapestry of history behind our favorite treat. We’re committed to sharing not just the joy of ice cream but the stories of those who made it possible. Thanks to pioneers like Mrs. Mary Eales, we’re able to explore the boundless possibilities of ice cream. So, the next time you indulge in your favorite flavor, remember the remarkable women who helped make it possible. Here’s to Mrs. Mary Eales, the first lady of ice cream, whose sweet legacy continues to inspire and delight us all.