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Local Scoop Spotlight: Amy’s Ice Creams

Amy’s Ice Creams believes in spreading joy and sweetening your day through the universal love of ice cream.

Photo - Amy's Ice Creams founder, Amy, standing in front of a brick wall with the Amy's logo on it.

Welcome to our Local Scoop Spotlight, where every ice cream served isn’t just a treat – it’s a story waiting to be told! We’re diving into Amy’s ice cream journey, a visionary who turned her college job into the delicious empire that is Amy’s Ice Creams. Her story isn’t just about ice cream; it’s a celebration of community, creativity and the magic that happens when you follow your passion.

Amy’s Ice Cream Journey

As a college student navigating the complex world of premed, Amy found herself missing connections with people in her research-focused environment. Eventually, she found her happy place behind the counter of Steve’s Ice Cream store in Somerville, Massachusetts. It was here that Amy witnessed the universal joy of ice cream firsthand. It was a treat enjoyed when celebrating joyous occasions, offering comfort during the lows and everything in between.

Post-graduation, Amy decided to put off med school in order to save up. This decision, however, sent Amy down a different career path where she could bring joy to others every day. She joined the corporate team at Steve’s, helping to open new locations and learning the ropes of the ice cream business. When Steve’s was sold in 1983, Amy didn’t see it as an end but as a new beginning. Spending years learning the ice cream business, Amy ventured out to create something of her own – Amy’s Ice Creams.

Finding Home in Austin, Texas

Choosing Austin, Texas, as her stage was no coincidence. The city’s vibrant energy and college-town vibe resonated with Amy, reminding her of her roots in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In 1984, the first Amy’s Ice Creams opened on Guadalupe Street, marking the start of a flavor-filled legacy. What started as a single store has since grown into 14 locations across Austin, Houston and San Antonio, each serving up smiles with a side of ice cream.

Photo - A photo og 5 Amy's Ice Creams colorful pints with 5 different flavors.

A Scoop of Innovation and Community

Amy’s Ice Creams was never just about the ice cream. It’s about innovation, community and sustainability.

A Scoop for Everyone

Knowing that everyone has their own favorite flavors, Amy went to work creating new innovative flavors. These flavors not only help Amy stand out in the ice cream scene but shows Amy’s dedication to scooping joy. Offering a menu that includes health-conscious and vegan options alongside a rotation of 150 ice cream flavors, Amy’s ensures that everyone can find their perfect scoop.

Local Art & Community Fundraising

Over the years, Amy’s Ice Creams has transformed from a mere ice cream parlor into an ice-conic parlor that’s more than just a business – it’s a part of the vibrant Austin community. Inspired by the local art scene, Amy collaborates with Austin’s talented artists, integrating their works into marketing campaigns and the parlor’s decor. Bringing in the creativity that artists have with the joy of ice cream helped Amy become a stapled scoop within the Austin area.

Amy didn’t stop there! Her passion for connecting with others and supporting the community led her to partner with local nonprofits. These partnerships, including collaborations with the Central Texas Food Bank and Caritas of Austin, among others, have extended her reach and impact across Texas. Through these efforts, Amy shares her belief that ice cream should be a source of joy for everyone, one scoop at a time.

As we close the chapter on Amy’s ice cream journey, let’s not forget that it was never just about ice cream. It’s about pursuing your dreams, no matter how rocky the road may seem. At Museum of Ice Cream, we celebrate the innovators, the dreamers and, of course, the ice cream lovers who make the world a sweeter place. Amy’s Ice Creams is a testament to what happens when you pour your heart into what you love, creating a legacy that delights and inspires for generations to come.