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Planning The Most Unique Date Night in Austin

Why date nights are important

No matter the stage of your relationship, having even occasional date nights can be critical to the health of your connection. With responsibilities to your kids, friendships, work, and every errand on your list; it’s easy to see why date nights are important.
When date nights are done right, your bond as a couple becomes stronger. A University of Virginia study found that 15% of women and 14% of men who had frequent date nights reported having a happier marriage. Yet, only 48% of couples said they go on regular date nights.

Planning a unique date night isn’t always easy. Finding great activities that match your partner’s interests can be difficult between the responsibilities of daily life. But we here at Museum of Ice Cream are here to help you make a cone-nection that lasts a lifetime.

How to plan a great date night

Did you know that 40% of our day is done by routine habits? This means to make a date night special, you’ll have to change it up. Focusing on ideas that incorporate new experiences and break everyone out of their daily routine will be the key to a great date. Plus, shared experiences are proven to bring you and your partner closer together.

To start your date night planning, choose a day and time that works for you and your partner. Then, set up any pet sitting or babysitting that you need. When you are able to plan in advance, you know how much time you can have enjoying your date night. No one loves a rushed night, even if you get everything else right.

Once you have all of the details in place for a successful unique date night in Austin, you can start to pick the best spots. Being in Austin ourselves, we scooped deep to get you our 7 top date night spots.

Unique date night spots in Austin

Do you and your partner love the outdoors? Then it’s time for an Austin adventure with a hike in Pease Park! But, this isn’t just any hike. As you explore the trail, you’ll get to see the infamous troll who recently made this park his home. The roughly half-mile hike can be a fun way to chat and connect, all while enjoying the nice weather.

Who doesn’t like ice cream!? Satisfy your sweet tooth at Museum of Ice Cream! Beyond just a place to enjoy unlimited ice cream, MOIC offers an interactive experience where you and your date can play and create unforgettable memories. 

If you want a more upscale evening, consider heading to Suerte. This restaurant offers a refined take on Mexican cuisine, known for crafting their own masa – the traditional dough used to make tortillas and tamales. With great food and cocktails, this cozy atmosphere is sure to bring you and your date closer. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to dress up a little and make the occasion special.

For our thrill-seeking couples out there, COTA Karting offers a date night experience like no other. This isn’t just any go-karting track – it’s right next to the only purpose-built Formula 1 track in America! Hop into your high-speed karts and enjoy a race that will put you and your partner’s driving skills to the test. 

It’s a date that’s sure to be packed with action and friendly competition. Afterward, you can compare times and talk strategies – or excuses – over a cool-down lap. It’s one date that will have you both feeling the adrenaline rush. The kind of energy you can only get from a great date.

Desano’s is your slice of pizza paradise, serving up authentic Neapolitan pizzas that whisk your taste buds straight to Italy, thanks to top-notch ingredients and a traditional wood-fired oven. Fancy being a pizza chef for the night? Swing by on a Monday for ‘make your own pizza’ night — a fun, hands-on date where you can create culinary masterpieces together. The relaxed, communal vibe at Desano’s makes it the ideal spot for a laid-back yet romantic evening. And who could resist the smell of fresh pizza?

Escape Game Austin offers the perfect solution to your usual night out! These challenges aren’t just activities; it’s a test of your teamwork and problem-solving skills. Each themed room will immerse you into a story straight out of an adventure movie! You and your date will have to collaborate closely to find clues, solve puzzles and make your escape before time runs out! With your adrenaline going, the shared experience is a great way to learn more about each other’s strengths and have a few laughs along the way. Plus, the feeling of making it out within the time frame is always a win.

Ever wanted to be on a game show? Game On ATX makes that dream a reality! Play for fun or play to win as you go head-to-head, or as we like to say cone-to-cone, in fun games inspired by classic TV favorites. Your live host keeps the energy high as the stakes rise with every challenge you finish. Enjoy friendly rivalry and a lighthearted atmosphere where you might just get your name on the winner’s wall. Win or lose, you’re sure to have a great time, and who knows, you might even discover a new competitive side in your partner!

Remember to have fun on your Austin date night

No matter where you choose to go, crafting the perfect date night is all about focusing on what will bring you and your date together while having fun. It’s about good conversation and shared experiences that strengthen your bond and leave you with tons of memories. Use this list to help plan your next best night out on the town here in Austin. And remember, no matter what you decide to do – always finish the night with ice cream.