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Best Holiday Gifts Based On Your Love Language

Still on the hunt for the perfect gift but feeling a little overwhelmed? Fear not! Let Museum of Ice Cream guide you using love languages!

Understanding someone’s love language is like having the key to a heartwarming surprise. Dating back to 1992, this concept has become a beloved way for friends, family and our cherished scoops to connect. It’s especially handy when time’s ticking, and you still want that gift to be nothing short of perfect.

Words of Affirmation

For those who thrive on words of affirmation, why not sweeten the deal with a Museum of Ice Cream journal? Pen down your heartfelt sentiments on the first page, creating a keepsake filled with positivity. Your sweet words, especially when written on pink paper, will be a constant source of joy for them.

Acts of Service

If your special someone values acts of service, we’ve got the golden scoop to scoop happiness into their day! Make them the perfect ice cream sundae using our golden scoop and ice cream cups. It’s a delightful way to lend a hand and share the joy of ice cream in every scoop.

Receiving Gifts

For those who cherish thoughtful presents, make their day magical! Gift the good cheer of winter  with our limited-time Pinkmas Sprinkle Globe. Or, if they’re into unicorns (we’ve got two different sizes!) or prefer jewelry, clothing, candles, or ice cream-themed goodies, MOIC has you covered! You’ll be able to find the perfect gift that shows them you care.

Quality Time

Give the gift of experiences to someone who values quality time over physical gifts. Wrap up the magic of an MOIC visit and connect over jumping into the Sprinkle Pool, savoring unlimited ice cream and rediscovering your inner child with our 12+ interactive installations. Distractions left at the door, it’s the ideal recipe for quality time. Check out our Gift the Magic event, running until January 15th, 2024, for an extra scoop of joy!

Physical Touch

While we might not have a hugging booth, we’ve got something even sweeter for those with physical touch as their love language. Our MOIC sweater is like a warm hug that lasts all day, complete with a bright color that’s sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

As the gift-giving season unfolds, remember that Museum of Ice Cream has a little something for everyone on your list! Spread the joy of ice cream and crush it this holiday season. Unwrap the magic at MOIC, where every scoop is a celebration waiting to happen!