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3 wallet-friendly ways to share your love this Valentine’s Day

The annual question has rolled around yet again; what are you planning for Valentine’s Day? Sure, there’s a plethora of love-filled packages at your favorite restaurants and activities, but with so many options it can get a lil overwhelming figuring out special things to do this February that are within your budget! If you’re still stressing out, take a peek at our sure-fire plan for a soulful Valentine’s Day that won’t break the bank. BREAKFAST BONDING Sharing a meal has always been an intimate gesture – just think of all the significant holidays with a family feast as the centerpiece of the party! Eating together is a chance to connect with someone, and humans have bonded over the common joys of food for millennia across global cultures and traditions. ‍ Breakfast is one of our favorite meals because it sets the tone for a day of connection and affection. The most wallet-friendly option is to prepare it yourself, but for something extra special, try stepping out of the avo toast and scrambled eggs sphere and into something more un-cone-ventional; like a dessert breakfast! National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day 2023 is actually falling on February 4th, and it’s the perfect way to kickstart a month of sharing the love! Museum of Ice Cream is opening its doors across all locations for any early birds looking for early (gummy) worms and serving up adorable Sprinkle Sundaes with a healthy topping of cereal – the perfectly balanced way to start a special day! We’ve partnered with the game-changing Three Wishes Cereal in New York, Austin and Chicago, as well as Nestle’s ice-conic Trix cereal in Singapore to get that perfect cream-to-crunch ratio, so don’t forget to add on this super special Sprinkle Sundae at checkout to grab your creamy-crunchy breakfast when you arrive. ‍ SHARE A ‘DIFFERENT’ GIFT Exchanging gifts is one of the best ways to show someone love, especially when it’s from the heart! Deciding on a ‘special’ gift can be difficult – should you go for something functional or something symbolic? Something that they need or something that they want? We find that magical memories and exciting experiences are by far the most impactful gifts, because they straddle the line between a tangible and intangible present. If you know any sweet-toothed scoops, sharing joy with a gift card from Museum of Ice Cream just might be the perfect present – imagine giving someone special the opportunity to escape the everyday mundanity and rediscover their childlike joy through bottomless desserts and uninhibited play! MOIC e-gift cards are exclusively available on our ticketing site, with the affordable convenience of choosing the exact amount you’d like to put in the card and the option to include a cute personalized message. ‍ CELEBRATE CONNECTIONS At its core, Love Month is about celebrating the bonds that light up our lives, and the best way to do that is to spend a full day out with those special scoops! While this may seem like a lot, you can fill a day with 3 key activities that encourages connection and helps you organize your budget:
  1. Something participatory
  2. Munchie some lunchie
  3. Something creative
It’s great to set the tone of the day with an activity that’s more lean-in rather than lean-back; for example, movie dates are great, but there’s only so much connection to be had sitting in silence. Think along the lines of putt-putt golf, karaoke or going to a carnival, where you’d be solely responsible for the energy levels of the activity! Engaging in a creative activity is so much more than just that  – don’t forget that being creative allows us to express ourselves in extraordinary non-verbal ways, which affords us a deeper understanding of each other! Excellent examples would be a pottery class, art jam sessions (those with alcohol packages are well worth checking out) or tufting workshops. ‍ Museum of Ice Cream actually covers a number of these activities (yes, we have an indoor carnival in New York, Chicago and Singapore!), and it might just be the perfect place to hit all 3 bases in a single location! Our premium ice cream experium offers over 12 immersive installations that cover a range of play spaces for all ages, activities like origami or ice cream making and a smorgasbord of free-flow ice cream that’ll have any scoop screaming for a second stomach! Be sure to book your tickets ahead of time to minimize any hassle, and check out our expansive menu of add-on goodies for the cherry on top of your special day out!