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3 ways to beat back to school blues (psst…includes a delicious discount!)

Another summer of fun is over, and school is back in session! It can feel like a bummer to head back to class, so the assignment today is to bring down the stress so that every scoop can keep cool in school. Oh, and keep scrolling – we snuck in a sweet September promotion for you!



Studying hard is important, but so is studying smart! Cognitive development experts agree that having regular playtime is crucial to processing information learned in school, and teaches younger scoops how to cope with competition in a safe way.  Vitally, some key benefits of play include reducing stress and boosting enthusiasm for learning!

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Dive into the world-famous Sprinkle Pool

The best kid’s activities involve role-play, which means that you need to look for play spaces that offer freedom of imagination! Playgrounds are excellent stages for role-play, and spaces like MOIC’s famous sprinkle pool are perfect for setting the mood. If you want to kick it up a notch and make sure that your lil scoops are getting some exercise in, we highly recommend our bouncy castle – you’ll literally get to bounce the stress out of you!


Rewarding lil scoops when they’re stressed out with a frozen dessert is a great way to keep them motivated because they have something to look forward to. The best type of ice cream for kids, however, is any variety that sparks the most joy!

When we do something that brings us joy (like eating ice cream!), our brains release endorphins, which are chemical hormones that your body releases during periods of both stress and pleasure. These hormones act as ‘messengers’ that travel along your nervous system to ‘tell’ your body how to react and generally lowers stress levels, relieves pain and encourages a positive state of mind. See, the real benefits of ice cream sometimes outweighs its calories!

Ultimately, it can be a good thing to indulge every now and again. A day of unlimited ice cream at MOIC might just be what the doctor ordered then, especially if you know a stressed-out scoop with a sweet tooth!


While engaging your body is super important to keep stress down, so is engaging your mind! Kids can get brain-tired when it comes to rote learning, but enjoying after school creative activities can reset an exhausted mind and encourage critical thinking (which definitely comes in handy in school!).

Making art is an excellent start, especially if it’s paired with something that your scoop enjoys! Craft ideas for kids should be something simple and structured – in the museum, we get those creative juices flowing by letting scoops make digital artwork of their perfect cones using a sweet template. Being creative should be a progressive process that builds to more complex activities, like the paper ice cream truck crafting that we offer later in the museum.


Finding kids’ activities on weekdays can be pretty challenging, but we’re keen to help you keep cool in school! We’re welcoming any schooling scoops with a frosty 20% off Museum of Ice Cream weekday tickets from 6th to 30th Sep. Just use code BACKTOSCHOOL at checkout to make use of this promotion, and don’t forget that ice cream is best shared with some sweet cone-panions!