4 ways to celebrate the sweetest Halloween!

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Our favorite fall holiday is finally peeking around the corner, and we wanna celebrate with as much ghoulish gusto as we can muster! Here are the essential things you need to do this October to prepare yourself for the spooky season.

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    We LOVE Halloween here at Museum of Ice Cream, like omg (oh my ghoul). Cool costumes, themed parties, and endless parade of candy and seasonal treats like pumpkin spice - what’s not to love? We want to help every scoop get into a sweet and spooky vibe, so here are some quick tips on how to start celebrating Halloween!


    Most people come in two flavors - those that prep their Halloween costumes way ahead, and those who need to figure out their costume, like, yesterday.!  If you’re still racking your head for a Halloween costume idea, your best bets are classic staples like witches, vampires and werewolves, or perhaps one of your favorite TV characters.

    Oh, and start looking for inspiration early! Platforms like Pinterest or Tiktok are super helpful starting points for creative direction. It’s also a good idea to give your costume a test drive before the big day, so find an excuse to rock your costume at any events or parties leading up to Halloween!

    Museum of Ice Cream is the perfect place to test any costume ideas you might have this October! We’re inviting everyone to rock up for our Halloween events in full costume for the best trick or treating experience and unlimited ice cream all October, and our gruesome guides will be more than happy to give your costume a review!


    Halloween isn’t just a holiday - it’s a state of mind! Getting into a festive groove means more than watching Nightmare Before Christmas and shopping for a cute ensemble. While pumpkin spice and apple pie vibes are great, colors definitely work too - take a peek at this midnight milkshake straight from our mad scientist’s twisted mind, or this bubbling brew in a truly frightful shade of green!

    The best Halloween ice cream should definitely play off the seasonal palate, but they don’t need to be the typical fall flavors - it just needs to be something that reminds you of your most memorable Halloweens!


    Some of the best Halloween activities involve getting creative and hands on, which has the added bonus of being great things to do with your family for Halloween!

    If you’re doing these activities with kids, don’t forget to adapt them so that everyone can have fun! For example, a great alternative to carving pumpkins would be folding them out of origami, or pasting paper cut outs on the pumpkins rather than carving with a knife. We upped the ante in the museum with origami pumpkin making for the entire month of October, and the best part is that it’s folded like a basket to give you extra space for your candy!


    If you’re like us, Halloween isn’t just a single day; it’s a whole season of celebration and freaky fun!For the whole of October this year, Museum of Ice Cream is going to be the sweetest place for the spooky season! We’re running the perfect month-long trick or treating experience packed with creepy candy, perplexing tricks and unlimited ice cream in a spine-chilling interactive adventure. Don’t forget to show up in an eerie ensemble, unless you’re coming down for some Halloween inspiration. Remember, if you stay spooky, you ain’t gotta get spooky!

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