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Rediscovering child-like joy: How MOIC helps you reconnect with your inner child and create genuine connections

You’re invited to step into a time machine, right back to those carefree days of your childhood. A time where every day is a playdate and making friends is as easy as sharing a scoop of your favorite flavor.

Think about the times you couldn’t stop laughing. A time when every game you played felt like a big adventure. As kids we used to laugh around 300 times a day and played outside until the sun went down, using our imagination with the world around us. Get ready to step into a place where you can play like a kid and every moment is a chance to make a new friend!

Play at Museum of Ice Cream

What does it mean to reconnect with your inner child?

Reconnecting with your inner child is scooping up the joy and wonder that can sometimes melt away as you grow older. When you reconnect with your inner child, you let yourself be spontaneous, laugh a lot and enjoy the little things in everyday life. Museum of Ice Cream was crafted to help you start on this journey. At MOIC have fun in an environment that encourages everyone to let go and rediscover their playful, child-like spirit.

A scoop of cone-stalgia and a dash of play 

Ice cream is a time machine in a cone. It takes us back to the days when our biggest worry was whether we could eat ice cream for breakfast (spoiler alert: you totally can!). And with our interactive installations, you’ll be able to play in jungle gyms, enjoy interactive games around every corner and jump into a pool of sprinkles. You’ll be a kid again – connecting with those around you with every experience. 

Making new friends, one scoop at a time!

When we were kids, making friends was simple. At MOIC, we think anyone you meet could be a friend. Just be curious and chat a bit! Why wait? Dive into the Sprinkle Pool and talk to someone who you already have something in common with: they love ice cream as much as you do!

Whether you’re a seasoned MOIC guest or a first-timer, every visit is an opportunity to reconnect with your inner child and connect with others. It’s a place where the world outside melts away, leaving you in a wonderland of joy, play and togetherness.