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Sweet Memories: A Family Valentine’s Day Adventure at MOIC

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by reconnecting with your family on the sweetest (and LOVEliest) day out!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means it’s time for love, laughter and sharing moments with those dearest to us. While traditionally a day for romantic love, why not redefine it as a day to cherish family love? After all, Valentine’s Day is about connecting hearts, and what better way to do that than with your kids – especially when free-flow ice cream and fun is on the menu!

Spend time with family at Museum of Ice Cream this Valentine's Day

Reconnect Through Play


At the heart of family fun is the joy of playing together, which is exactly what Museum of Ice Cream is all about! It’s a shared adventure through world-class installations designed to be a safe space for uninhibited playtime and rediscovering your inner kid. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get to know your nearest and dearest again – can you guess who’d be the bravest when it comes to jumping into the Sprinkle Pool? Who would be the giggliest scoop during spontaneous games with our guides? Shared play isn’t just about horsing around — it’s about celebrating the most important connections in your life!

Sip, Savor, and Share


Nothing brings humans together more than sharing creamy confections,, and Valentine’s at Museum of Ice Cream is chock-full of frosty bites and limited edition sweet sips! For the adults, our boozy Pinktini or the Alchemist offers a sip of sophistication, while the Cherry on Top is a sprinkle of playfulness on the holiday menu. Use the code DRINKSFOR2 at checkout and enjoy a 50% saving on any two drinks — a perfect opportunity for parents to unwind and indulge. 


For our ‘lil scoops, the Carnival Milkshake and the nostalgic 1950c Milkshake are the perfect ways to wash down your unlimited ice cream. Sharing these treats with your family isn’t just about taste — it’s about understanding each other’s personal palates, while, laughing over whipped cream mustaches and bonding over the clink of glasses and straws.

Spend time with family at Museum of Ice Cream this Valentine's Day

A Scoop of Togetherness



Each Museum of Ice Cream location partners with local businesses to offer unique, mouth-watering ice cream flavors. This Valentine’s Day, explore these flavors with your family. Do you know what everyone’s favorites are – would they go for the daringly delicious or the comfortable classic? Every lick, every spoonful of our unlimited ice cream is an opportunity to learn more about your loved ones. Forget the conventional gifts; unlimited ice cream is a treat that delights everyone!

As the day or night winds down, don’t forget to stop by our gift shop to pick a keepsake of your special day. This Valentine’s Day, let Museum of Ice Cream be your family’s playground, where every moment is a chance to create memories that last a lifetime and bring your family closer together.


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