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Valentine’s Day With Friends: A Scoopalicious Adventure

Best friends deserve a Valentine’s date too! This is why Museum of Ice Cream is the perfect place to celebrate the sweetest (platonic) day out.


Calling all platonic scoops! Who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples? It’s a day for love in all its forms, and that includes the connections we share with our friends. From knocking back sweet sips to enjoying playful activities, there’s a world of ways to create unforgettable memories with your best pals. 

Exploring Fun and Playing Together


 Shared experiences are the foundation of connection. While spontaneous fun can hardly be planned, it’s something you can definitely expect in Museum of Ice Cream! It’s going to be a vibrant journey full of unlimited ice cream, surprise games and whimsical playspace designed to bring out your inner kid, and there’s no better place for best friends to celebrate the bonds they share.

Cheers to friendship at Museum of Ice Cream

Cheers to Friendship: Savoring Flavors Together 


Nothing feels better than sipping on boozy concoctions while kiki-ing with your bestie, especially when delicious deals are involved!. Whether you’re toasting vibrant Pinktinis or refreshing Watermelon Margaritas, it’s setting the scene for yet another round of giggly fun. Take advantage of 50% off when you buy your drinks and tickets using code ‘Drinksfor2’ – it’s the perfect way to wash down free-flow ice cream!

Bonding Over Bites: The Universal Language of Ice Cream


Exploring new flavors together can connect us in surprising ways, and this Valentine’s Day you can make it about discovering each other’s favorite treats. In a playscape of unlimited treats of astounding palates, it’s all about the joy of sharing and savoring together. Learn how adventurous your friends are in their flavor selections along with learning more about your own preferences. It’s unlimited!

Friends Night out for Valentine's Day

Make it a point this Valentine’s Day to celebrate love in all its forms, and what better way to do this than creating unforgettable experiences with your friends? Museum of Ice Cream will give you a whimsical backdrop for these memories, but it’s the company of good friends that truly makes the day special.


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