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The best way to celebrate the 2023 holidays!

Enter a world of magic, surrounded by a forest of pink and let your creativity shine through with festive crafts, unlimited seasonal treats and a new seasonal sips menu! For something truly special, step right up to a larger-than-life snow globe where happiness is a guarantee. Pinkmas is all about sharing the warmth of the season with those who matter most, so join us in spreading joy, laughter and love this holiday season.


The sweetest part is indulging in our Pinkmas treats and drinks! Enjoy holiday flavors that taste like cool winter nights and bring back the nostalgia of sitting by the fire as a kid.

         Pinkmas Treats

Enjoy a Candy Cane Swirl, where the peppermint and vanilla ice cream create the perfect candy cane combination. Don’t miss the Mini Dipped Popcorn Cone, a bite-sized burst of joy. Plus, we’ve got Rudolph Da Scoop, a special sweet treat available with a dairy-free option. 

           Pinkmas Drinks

After making your way through our Pinkmas tree forest, our Jingle Juice mocktail will make your taste buds ring. Or, try our tiramisu-inspired Sprinkle of Gold martini – a layered blend of caffeinated booziness that is sure to put a pep in your step. 

Warm up your visit with some Toasted Magic – hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and a marshmallow that is toasted right before your eyes! You can even add Bulleit Bourbon for some extra warmth. But, if you’re in the mood for something cooler, order a Naughty and Ice – an irresistible mix of iced hot chocolate with Bulleit Bourbon.



With the holidays being a time when family and friends come together, there is no better way to connect than creating lifelong memories through shared experiences. This is where the Pinkmas magic truly begins – with a complimentary ticket!

Pinkmas Image

For the first time ever, from November 17th all the way to January 15th, every booking for our Pinkmas experience will receive one beautifully decorated ticket that can be used as the perfect gift!

The lucky scoop on your holiday list will be able to use the complimentary ticket to book their very own MOIC experience from January 18-February 29, 2024. Stay tuned for more details on Gift the Magic, but don’t wait to book your tickets – slots are melting faster than ice cream!

For more information about Gift the Magic, click here.

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