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New year, new palate! Here are the newest ice cream innovations to try in 2023

We can’t be the only ones tired of hearing ‘New Year, new me’ – it’s time for ‘New Year, new palate! Ice cream will always remain a staple favorite; in fact, creative spirits have been hard at work inventing new desserts over the last year. We’ve figured out the coolest ice cream innovations to refresh your palate in the new year – you might just discover your new favorite treat!


Plant-based dairy is now an unstoppable force on the culinary scene, from savory to sweet! No longer does dairy-free only apply to sorbets – you can easily find creamy scoops that incorporate a wide variety of plant-based products.

Ice cream with the lushest mouth-feel often relies on fat molecules to create a velvety sensation, which means that you should look out for frosty desserts that use high-fat content vegan alternatives. The best examples would be coconut, almond or cashew milk, especially because these particular vegan milks don’t develop a greasy residue and add a subtly refreshing tang to flavors like chocolate or cookies and cream!

Museum of Ice Cream Singapore is scooping plenty of plant-based treats that include coconut milk, which is a pretty cool callback to their South-East Asian roots! Many traditional Singaporean desserts incorporate coconut cream to create indulgent desserts like pulut hitam (a black sticky rice pudding with coconut milk for an extra indulgent kick), which we’ve turned into a refreshing potong popsicle!


Classic flavors will always hold a special place in our hearts, but life needs a lil bit of adventure every now and again! 2022 saw the celebration of completely new flavors that step out of the staple Neapolitan favorites, with exciting twists like savory ice cream, exotic combinations and novel modes of consumption.

We’re actually serving up an incredible example at Museum of Ice Cream Chicago. Our team has ice cream-ified one of the Windy City’s signature staples and created a frosty treat with the best kind of cognitive dissonance; hot dog-flavored ice cream nestled between fluffy buns and a crunchy cornichon! Dare you take a bite?


Functional food is quickly becoming the next frontier in culinary innovation, especially when it comes to new dessert concepts! While eating healthy is pretty familiar, functional desserts can go a lot farther than keeping to the food pyramid, and one of the newest ice cream inventions to hit the market is probiotic ice cream.

Probiotic ingredients refer to components that help to foster a balanced community of microorganisms in your digestive system (just a lil clarification – your gut is already home to a host of microorganisms that have a symbiotic relationship with you and helps cultivate ideal gut health!). In ice cream production, the most common probiotic ingredient would be kefir yogurt, which comes from fermenting milk in a controlled environment along with live cultures introduced in the mix. Think of it like frozen yogurt full of teeny tiny helpers!

Museum of Ice Cream is always trying to be one step ahead of the curve, and we’re inviting you to be at the forefront of ice cream innovation along with us! Fill your day with unlimited ice cream in the coolest flavors and forms of 2023, but don’t forget to bring along your sweetest cone-panions to share in the joy of discovering something new!