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MOIC’s Guide to Ice Cream Pairings – Spring Edition


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DJ's at MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM surrounded by pink and colored lights

Sharing isn’t just caring – it’s in your genes!

Kindness and generosity are universal virtues, and it’s the core of what it means to share the love with the people in our lives! We’re celebrating the wonderful ways we share our love for others this month, so let’s take a look at how our brains might have a bigger part to play in our natural tendency to share.

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MOIC’s Guide to Ice Cream Pairings – Spring Edition

Floral flavor is on the menu this spring! Here’s how to mix up your ice cream game with some scoop-tastic flower pairings! Ice cream isn’t just a treat for the hot summer afternoons – it’s also a great way to welcome spring! Especially when you pair it with spring’s favorite

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Photo - A photo og 5 Amy's Ice Creams colorful pints with 5 different flavors.

Local Scoop Spotlight: Amy’s Ice Creams

Amy’s Ice Creams believes in spreading joy and sweetening your day through the universal love of ice cream. Welcome to our Local Scoop Spotlight, where every ice cream served isn’t just a treat – it’s a story waiting to be told! We’re diving into Amy’s ice cream journey, a visionary

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Image - A portrait image of Agnes Marshall.

A Scoop of History: How Agnes Marshall Shaped Ice Cream History

Discover how Agnes Marshall, a pioneer in ice cream history, transformed the sweet treat we adore today. Ice cream isn’t just a treat; it’s a journey through time, flavored with innovation and sprinkled with the passion of those who’ve shaped its history. Today we’re dipping into the sweet legacy of

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Image- A portrait of Nancy Johnson

A Scoop of History: Nancy Johnson’s Ice Cream Revolution

Discover how Nancy Johnson, a pivotal woman in history, crafted the hand-cranked ice cream freezer, forever changing our favorite treat.  Ice cream isn’t just a treat; it’s a journey through time, flavored with innovation and sprinkled with the ingenuity of remarkable individuals. Today, we’re celebrating incredible women who’ve made the

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Image - An image of an Ice Cream picnic with milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches and all types of ice cream treats.

Spring Break Bucket List: Ice Cream Edition

Don’t know what to do this Spring Break? Here’s your ice cream bucket list!   Spring has sprung, and what better way to celebrate the break from school than by indulging in everyone’s favorite treat – ice cream! Whether you’re looking to spend quality time with family, have fun with friends

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Image - In partnership with Whipshots, Museum of Ice Cream has created the Diamond Shot which is a pink shot with pink whipped cream on top.

Scoop the Limited Edition Cardi B Whipshots x MOIC

Enjoy an exclusive boozy experience at Museum of Ice Cream with Cardi B’s Strawberry Whipshots! We’re swirling with excitement to announce a collaboration that blends the bold and vibrant world of Cardi B’s Whipshots with the joy and wonder of Museum of Ice Cream! Kicking off Valentine’s Day right, these

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Photo - A photo of two children climbing on the slide into the Sprinkle Pool.

Sweet Memories: A Family Valentine’s Day Adventure at MOIC

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by reconnecting with your family on the sweetest (and LOVEliest) day out! Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means it’s time for love, laughter and sharing moments with those dearest to us. While traditionally a day for romantic love, why not redefine it as a

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Cheers to friendship at Museum of Ice Cream

Valentine’s Day With Friends: A Scoopalicious Adventure

Best friends deserve a Valentine’s date too! This is why Museum of Ice Cream is the perfect place to celebrate the sweetest (platonic) day out. Calling all platonic scoops! Who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples? It’s a day for love in all its forms, and that includes the

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Valentines Day date at Museum of Ice Cream - New York

Scoop the perfect Valentine’s Date at Museum of Ice Cream

Still thinking of the perfect date spot to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Why not scoop the sweetest Valentine’s Date at Museum of Ice Cream! Valentine’s Day at Museum of Ice Cream is more than just an outing; it’s an adventure into the heart of fun and affection. Whether you’re

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Snow Ice Cream

Yes, you can make ice cream out of snow! 

Jack Frost is still making his rounds, so it’s the perfect time to answer the age-old question: can you make ice cream out of snow? This is what the ice cream experts have to say! Remember the joy of snow days, when school closed and you found fun and cold

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Best Holiday Gifts Based On Your Love Language

Still on the hunt for the perfect gift but feeling a little overwhelmed? Fear not! Let Museum of Ice Cream guide you using love languages! Understanding someone’s love language is like having the key to a heartwarming surprise. Dating back to 1992, this concept has become a beloved way for

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Iconic American ingredients from Nature’s Pantry

Take a peek into North America’s culinary landscape as we explore some timeless ingredients that have graced this country’s tables for centuries. From pumpkins to acorns, each ingredient carries a rich history that the land has given us. Pumpkins Ah, the pumpkin. Around this time of year, this versatile gourd

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The best way to celebrate the 2023 holidays!

Enter a world of magic, surrounded by a forest of pink and let your creativity shine through with festive crafts, unlimited seasonal treats and a new seasonal sips menu! For something truly special, step right up to a larger-than-life snow globe where happiness is a guarantee. Pinkmas is all about

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